A leads agency for newsletter sponsorships

we work with large and small newsletter writers to help you fill in your sponsorship slots.

Our process

We run tailor made campaigns, using best in class cold email methodologies and leading sales development techniques to book you meeting with ideal prospects who are desperate to sponsor your newsletterWe can also advise on sponsorship pricing strategy and copywriting best practices

Large Newsletters

Newsletters with valuable ad slots require a deft touch when reaching out to potential sponsors. We'll run professional, uniquely personalised sales development campaigns and bring in highly qualified leads

Small Newsletters

Your ad slots are valuable for the right sponsor. We'll run high quantity outbound cold emails strategies with a touch of pizazz and get you multiple leads every month.


We have a bespoke, flexible pricing model that takes into account your niche and target market and is writer friendly, with low upfront risk for you (not that we'll fail you anyway) and incentives closely aligned

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